Curiosity is the mother of inventions. Children have an inherent desire to learn, explore, discover and will keep asking questions and figuring things out for themselves. Generally it has been observed that curiosity among children declines as they are exposed to formal education. Therefore, parents should make sure that our children always keep wearing their curiosity hats!!

Connect this to that

Keep a note of all the questions that they ask and try to explain the concept connecting it to the things they do and don’t do. The more convinced they are the more they are likely to be more curious about it. 

Follow your child’s interest

If you can place your finger at the area of their interest, half the battle is won. Now you just need to expose them to their area of interest through books or other resources to further kindle their curiosity. 

Let the kids lead 

Allow the child a free hand in their learning process. Once you know what interests them and their dedication towards it, you can always enroll them in some online classes. 

Emphasize the process and not just the product

Children love hands-on projects and learning games that allow them to explore. Encourage them to share the strategies they apply to achieve their goals or if there was any other way they could have done it. These little things will help stimulate their mind. 

Allow time for exploratory play

Every play session need not be result oriented. Let them use their imagination and explore. Do not provide any directions or guidelines as to what to do with the material provided. You will be surprised at what all they come up with. 

Be their role model

Growing children often pick their parents habits. If you are a keen observer and a learner yourself, you will see the same spark in your child. 

Source: Ed Tech Review