It’s been a year now that COVID19 has played havoc with our lives. Even after the pandemic ends, one thing is for sure, e-learning will continue. In addition to a student’s willingness and self motivation, online learning also looks for following traits in one-


One can encounter unforeseen challenges and technical glitches. To succeed in online learning, one needs to be persistent and work through the challenges and be regular in attending the classes. 

Digital Reading and Writing Skills

In an online tutoring class, you need to be comfortable with digital documentation, reading and typing. 

Communication skills

A confused expression or non-verbal clues will not help your online tutor. Your communication skills, verbal and digital, will convey the needful to the tutor. Do not shy away from clearing your doubts. 

Technical Skills

You need not be a tech wiz to take online courses but should possessing reasonable tech skills are advisable. 


Online classes can have fixed and/or flexible timings. Time management becomes very important. If the timings of your class are fixed then make sure you are well prepared to take the class in time. Flexible time classes will require stricter time management and regularity. Create your own schedule, prioritize lessons and follow it. 

A Good Study Environment

Choose a quiet and distraction free corner of the house to make your workplace. The study time should not be traded with temptation to play online games or unnecessary internet surfing. Just as you would behave in any regular classroom, do not answer your cell phones. Keep them silent. Adjust the height of your chair, screen and desk. Make sure you maintain a healthy posture while working and the lighting does not strain your eyes. Be organised. Do not clutter your desk and work in an unclean environment. 


Source: Edtech Review