Work from home is the new normal. Our faculty too is trying to cope with this pedagogical shift. The following suggestions may help make the shift less burdensome- 

Establish certain guidelines for you online tutoring services which every student of your class must follow.  For example-

  • Log on early and stay logged in till the end of the class. Repeated logins, abruptly leaving the class and then re-entering or late logging is rude and a disturbance for the ongoing class. 
  • Students have to give their undivided attention and cannot multitask. 
  • Just like in a normal school, no eating and drinking when the class in on
  • No one else to be present with you while the class is going on. Especially ask the students to keep their pets in another room. 
  • A distraction free proper study environment needs to be created at home. 
  • While posting on the chat forum, one has to be careful of the grammar, spelling, diction and tone. The chat should not include any abbreviations or emojis. 
  • If you are unable to login, please contact the tech help desk as you may not be able to provide technical support while the class is going on. 
  • Regular attendance is mandatory

Children are used to spending a lot of time on their smartphones and online classes have added on their screen time. Introduce some activities wherein the students have to disengage themselves from the screen for some time.  

The general trend among children is to send a text message rather than call. Try to pair students in break out rooms on basis of common interests, the intellectually at a higher level students with those who are at lower level etc. The challenging activities will compel them to forget their differences and work togethers to achieve a common goal. The discussions held with the motley group will be more fruitful. 

 Source: Inside Higher Ed